"Something old and something new..."

The other part is coming later... much later Mommy says!


   Let's start with something new then. This picture was taken at the IBM Family portrait day in December 2004, just before Christmas.


   And now something old, older picture Mommy "found" recently. This one was sent to us by "Onkel Cornelius". He took photo in September 2003 in Duesseldorf, Germany.


         Oh yeah, these pictures are new,,, I started taking dance lessons this January (2005). We do Ballet and Tap.


         And these are old again. They were taken in February 2004. I had just started daycare and "Cowboy Bop" came to town.... He came back again this year...


     So this year we took the pink hat...


         I really liked riding on the pony. That was FUN!!!


   I am resting after I just had my very first surgery. I got tubes in my ears. Everybody says how much better my appetite is now and how much better I can hear... I didn't feel all that well that particular day though.


      Cute pictures, huh? My Mom did those.. on the sewing machine. She says I'll get a blankey with them and others soon!


      Wow, Mommy finished my blankey. I have to say I like it. and it feels real nice and soft too! Thank you Mom!!!


"Oh and don't forget: If you click on a picture you will be able to see it larger!"


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