Holiday Season 2004

"If you click on a picture you will be able to see it larger!"



       All right, we admit.. these really don't go here... But we just scanned them in, so they are sort of "new". These were taken in my weekly music classes at daycare. Don't I look cool with those glasses???


      Ok so theses really belong into the Halloween folder. But Mom just got those from Ms Francine. She took those during the Fall Festival at daycare and Mom scanned them in...


  So this is my "Thanksgiving Art" and if you wanta read the text you can use this link to get to the big picture. no pun intended...


   Now we are talking... This really "is the season". So Papa, aka Daddy, took me to see Santa this past weekend. Was sort of scary sitting on a strange man's lap. But I finally gave it a try. Not to bad for a first timer, is it?


   IBM Movie Morning and Santa.. Now I know the routine.. and Santa doesn't scare me so much anymore...


   Santa 'n I, a "close-up".


   They had a Christmas tree there too. And then we saw the movie "Polar Express". I really enjoyed it. And surprised my parents by sitting still thru the whole movie.


   So it was a busy Saturday. After the movie Mom and I went to a birthday party of a little friend of mine, Sarah. She turned two. And I made sure she learned the most important word every two year old needs to know: "mine", or even better "no mine"!


   This is my friend Sarah!


   Happy Birthday Sarah!!!


   The weather was really beautiful. We got to play in the back yard of Sarah's parent's house.


   And Sarah's mom, Sandi, brought out all these cool toys for us to play with.


   Thank you Sandi!!!


   I particularly liked this little push toy!


   This is my friend Brennan. He showed me how to ride the tricycle. Mommy was very excited, cause I then could suddenly do it too! Now I really am a big girl. Got my own "wheels" AND know how to use them too!


   IBM's Family portraits turned out quite nice I thought... This is (obviously) the shot of me by myself.


   And then the photographer also took a picture of Mommy and I together.


         These last pictures were all taken shortly before Christmas. Here you can see our Christmas tree with "chou-chou" train and my presnets...


   On Christmas day, Mom and I visited real good friends of ours. They were very nice to me. Marisa played with me and I got more presents too.


   Ok, so that's not what those stockings are for... Mommy tried explaining this to me too... I thought this was fun though. Mommy got a good laugh too!!!


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