Maxi says:

"Anishka and I had a MARVELOUS time,

when she came visit "Omi Frankreich" and I this fall of 2004!"


   This is my uncle Cornelius, Mom's brother. He is really nice and I like him a lot. I can almost pronounce his name.


   Here I am with Mommy and Maxi. I like dogs a lot... from a distance... But with Maxi things changed a little for me. I am not so afraid of them anymore now.


   I even let Maxi eat yoghurt from my hand....


    Then we also played with Maxi's bone.


       This is my "Omi Frankreich". I call her "Omis", with the "s" at the end.


    One day "Omi Frankreich", Mom and I went shopping in Alès. I tried on this cute hat.


    Shopping makes hungry. So we ate lunch in a nice French restaurant. Mommy shared her pasta with me and afterwards I got this marshmallow from Max. Let's see if it doesn't fit in all the way...


     ..yes it does!!!


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