Getting ready for the very first violin recital, Early 2005

"Remember, if you click on a picture it'll enlarge!"

      This was a few month before my first recital. I was 4 years old and really wanted to try on my dress! (Early 2007)

         This was at the actual recital! (Apr/May 2007)

       Since we are talking "violin". This is a hand position my master class teacher would like to see. Always!

       Performing with the "Blazing Bows".

      "Performing" at home in my swimsuit.

   "Performing" in Paris in the hotel in my Birthday-Present-Dress.

   Posing with my "Violin Hero" Joshua Bell. (January 2008)

   "On Tour". Well, not really. Just on my way to Disney World with my Mom.

           Performing with the Blazing Bows...

         ... at Threadgills!

     Playing in an Orchestra for the very first time at the Suzuki Summer Institute 2008.

   My "Master Class".

   My "Repertoire Class".

  My "Technique Class".

   My friend Frederique.

   Another Concert with the Blazing Bows, October 2008.