Today was my Birthday!


        This is my "birthday outfit" Isn't it nice? The skirt "Omi Frankreich" sent, the hat Mommy bought and I had for a while now.. I am still growing into it. And the blouse is from our friend Angelika, from my German "Dirndle" dress she bought for me a while back.


                This is my new puppet theater and the puppets are still wrapped... Mommy took these pictures actually before I got up this morning.


                  This is me in my new "Kasperle Theater". I am holding up the puppets from "Omi Frankreich".


       I got a lot of different puppets, as you can see here. Now I can put great plays together. But the ones from "Omi Frankreich" I like best!!! Daddy gave me real nice roller skates... We haven't taken pictures of them yet. But they are really nice and loads of fun!


         The weekend after my actual birthday we had a little party at my house. Mommy invited some of my friends and we had these two birthday cakes. They didn't just look great, they tasted great too. And I loved the little ballerian!


      We decorated the house with fifty helium balloons with strings long enough that we all could pull on them. Boy was that fun!


       We also emptied the dining room and setup a special birthday table for us kids to eat at.


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