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Is This Really Necessary .jpg (389872 bytes)   My First Bath at the hospital... I just went through hours of labor and they wouldn't let me sleep... I wasn't happy!

Stork Has arrived .jpg (247775 bytes)    I think I may be hungry, 5-30-02 .jpg (530518 bytes)  I think I may be hungry... just a little bit... I wasn't as in-touch with my feelings at day 16.  Now, I am an old pro...

I Give Up, I'll be back in an hour, 6-9-02 .jpg (524466 bytes)     I give up... I'll be back to entertain you in a few minutes!


Really Zonked out .jpg (601173 bytes)        Yikes!!  I must have been really Zonked Out!


Lounging_Around_.jpg (483645 bytes)         What's the big deal?  Just Relax! And thanks to Bruce I can do it in this wonderful chair


Grand Ma and Anishka 01 .jpg (609745 bytes)        Grand Ma came to visit from France and she is spoiling me rotten... but, I don't care!


Grand Ma and Anishka 02 .jpg (612901 bytes)    Max and Elenor Rigby .jpg (532835 bytes)        Grandma's boyfriend from France... speaks only French... and I can't understand a word he says.  But, he sure is nice.  He is taking Elenor Rigby for a walk.  I thought Elenor was my younger brother, but he is a three year old Australian Red Bearded Dragon, which is a whole lot better than having a brother.  I think he gets more attention than me!!

Grandmother and Max at The Oasis, Lake Travis, Texas, July 3, 2002 .jpg (120742 bytes)        Grandma and Max at "The Oasis"

Grandmother and Max at Lago Vista, Texas, July 3, 2002 .jpg (69672 bytes)        Grandmother and Max have been lovin' on me like crazy .jpg (204582 bytes)        Grandma sent me this cute outfit from France, but it was so HOT that Mom decided to remove the bottom half and just parade me around in the shirt only.  I've never been so embarrassed in my entire life... all six weeks of it!  But, Grandma and Max keep lovin' on me like there's no tomorrow... I could get used to this!

Max, Grandma, and Anishka, July 4, 2002, Party at Susan's .jpg (213663 bytes)        We all were invited over to Susan's home for the 4th of July... I love arriving places with Grandma !!

Guillaume, Susan, Max, Rick, and Garrett, July 4, 2002, Party .jpg (251145 bytes)    Someone shot this group photo...       

July 4, 2002, Amanda, Sidney, and Tiffany all being silly .jpg (397842 bytes)        Now the pool party starts... Amanda, Sidney, and Tiffany all got silly... I took a nap.

July 4, 2002, Max spoils me rotten .jpg (435591 bytes)        Max spoiled me rotten at the 4th of July party... I think those firecrackers kept me awake... or, maybe I just felt like I was missing out on all the fun!  

July 4, 2002, Grand Ma always puts me in a good mood .jpg (199902 bytes)        Grandma was keeping me occupied inside where the air conditioning was COLD!  

Sparkle, Max and Grandma, July 4, 2002, Party at Susan's .jpg (296917 bytes)        Then, everyone had to do those silly sparkler things... I fell asleep on Susan's bed... earlier, I had made a wet spot on Susan's nice comforter, but no one seemed to be mad at me for doing it... maybe it was because I was crying so hard over it. 

Sparkle, Tiffany, July 4, 2002, Party at Susan's .jpg (240079 bytes)        Tiffany always seems to have the best pictures!  I hope that I am as pretty as her when I get that old, but she is, like, ancient at ten years old. Can you imagine that ??

Sparkle, Nina, July 4, 2002, Party at Susan's .jpg (265287 bytes)        Even Mom was persuaded into the act...

Susan's two little angels .jpg (249809 bytes)        Susan's two little Angels at a Cuban restaurant called, get this, "Habana." 

Mom and Grandma, July 6, 2002 .jpg (177301 bytes)        Susan forced Mom to pose for a picture with Grandma! I think Susan caught Mom a little off guard.

Dinner_at_ Habana_2.jpg (498924 bytes)       Dinner_at_Habana_1.jpg (238415 bytes)     Still at Habana, waiting for a table AND air conditioning!!  By now, I'm getting hot...

Grandma Spoils me Silly .jpg (547041 bytes)        Earlier that day, Grandma was keeping me happy while Mom and Dad went for a drive and a walk around Town Lake.  I can get used to Grandma being here!

Marisa Comes For a Visit, July 6, 2002, 2.jpg (279310 bytes)  Marisa Comes For a Visit, July 6, 2002, 1 .jpg (238483 bytes)  Marisa visited earlier that day too.  July 6, 2002 was one BUSY day for me!  I heard Marisa telling Mom that when she has children of her own she wants all boys. Can you imagine that?? Well, she sure was nice to me... I'll forgive her for only wanting boys.

 Max tells me good bye .jpg (637924 bytes)  Then, a few days later, more long good byes.  Max broke my heart when he told me he was leaving today.  Some phony story about living in France.

Isaac's Tree .jpg (167651 bytes)        This is Isaac's tree... Isaac is a beautiful little boy who came to this world for only a few short days... and then he went home.  I don't know why this kind of thing happens. Maybe some day I will understand...

I was tired .jpg (270360 bytes)    Up to Eleven Pounds already .jpg (271301 bytes)    Sunday, July 14, 2002 .jpg (549818 bytes)    Mom says that I weigh eleven pounds now on July 14, 2002.  I think I need to sleep some of that excess weight off for a while, no?

Growing up too fast, July 16, 2002 .jpg (333763 bytes)     July 18, 2002 .jpg (378154 bytes)        I am waiting for Mom to get out of the shower. We have an important appointment today, July 18th, and I always have to wait for them....

At Carolyn's Office, July 18, 2002 .jpg (167119 bytes)    Tracy and Anishka, July 18, 2002 .jpg (219101 bytes)        The appointment was at Carolyn's and Tracy's office. Those two ladies were VERY nice to me. I think I like them!

July 21, 2002, pink outfit from Dave .jpg (364481 bytes)        July 21, 2002 was a fun day. First, I got dressed up in Pink, thanks to Dave for sending me this outfit all the way from North Carolina!! I feel like a *real* Southern Belle now!!

July 23, 2002, Anishka loves her Mobile.jpg (830059 bytes)        I just love my new mobile!  Thanks Kathy!

Getting Ready to run with Mom, July 23, 2002  July 23, 2002, Getting Ready to Run.jpg (734390 bytes)


Rick'sBirthday.jpg (860708 bytes)    Rick's Birthday, July 24, at Carrabas' and Susan was putting me in my cage... how I HATE that stupid car seat carrier thing.  I was more interested in sleeping now, but those candles sure looked interesting. Rick must have hated them; he kept blowing at them, but they kept burning bright. 

Aug01,2002.jpg (949660 bytes)        August 1, 2002.  Our friend, Nouzha came by for a visit and gave me this cute little outfit. 

Aug02,Doctor.jpg (427829 bytes)        Okay, this is my doctor and today is August 2, my two-month appointment.  I just love this doctor... she is so cool!!

Aug03,Gymboree01.jpg (662790 bytes)     Aug03,Gymboree03.jpg (455440 bytes)     Aug03,Gymboree02.jpg (805004 bytes)       

Before_Munich2002_Anishka_and_Mama.jpg (713237 bytes)     This is the night before we flew to Germany. Mom dressed me in this cute texas outfit "Oma Frankreich" and Max gave me.

DCP_6186.JPG (428157 bytes)    We arrived at London Gatwick International airport early in the morning. We stil had to catch a flight to Munich.

DCP_6190.JPG (308681 bytes)    I am resting comfortably in the British Airways lounge. Mommy carried me around the airports in this cute carrier. It's real comfy and soft.

DCP_6192.JPG (441710 bytes)    Then it was time to catch the next flight. We had to take a bus across the airport.

DCP_6195.JPG (338216 bytes)    This is the airplane we were going to take. It was so small that my stroller  had to go into the airplane's belly.

DCP_6218.JPG (620238 bytes)    This is a shot of the airport at Gatwick.

DCP_6243.JPG (299813 bytes)    Mommy and I are taking a little snooze....

DCP_6258.JPG (186008 bytes)    This is Munich airport. We just landed and were taxiing to the terminal. We have arrived!!!

DCP_6268.JPG (540089 bytes)    In Munich, Mom has these really cool friends: Roland, Angelika, Marcel and Denise. They are sooo nice. They invited us to stay with them for four weeks. The first thing we did all together was visit this local Bavarian "Volksfest". All sorts of roller-coasters and fun little booths. Marcel and Denise were in 7th heaven... I think I would like to visit another "Volksfest" when I am a little bit older. Couldn't really take full advantage of all this cool stuff that had there this time... from Germany to come here...


P9260030.JPG (433071 bytes)    Mommy and I are back home and Auntie JoJo is visiting to help Mommy a little bit. Auntie JoJo took a couple of really nice pictures of me.

P9270095.JPG (1060721 bytes)    This is me September 27th 2002, I am now 4 month and 3 days. I am becoming an old-timer on this planet.

P1010004.JPG (981848 bytes)    Rotation of P1010003.JPG (1384065 bytes)    These next nine pictures summarize a little fashion show auntie JoJo and mommy tossed together for me.

Rotation of P1010006.JPG (1446720 bytes)    This outfit is very special. It is from Mommies friend and colleagues Kathy. I think I still have to grow into this hat a little bit, don't you think so too?

P1010108.JPG (1470808 bytes)    On this dress I specially like the little fish. I wonder if I will be able to tear it off soon and stuff into my mouth...

P1010110.JPG (1437589 bytes)    The three of us had a lot of fun with this one. We thought I looked so funny with the hat. I just had to create a smile to match it...

P1010125.jpg (1054858 bytes)    I just love this little blanket. Debbies mom Helen made this specially for me. All by hand! Isn't it just wonderful?

P1010132.JPG (1102864 bytes)    Here I am with auntie JoJo's outfit. We all thought it really wouldn't fit yet. But it sure did. This little heart-pocket is just so adorable.

P1010134.JPG (966874 bytes)    Carol and Chip "from next door" contributed this dress to the fashion show. It almost fits now and I just love it.

P1010117.JPG (1011415 bytes)    This is a cute little jumper. It's very comfy and has still lots of space for me to grow into. "Oma Frankreich" brought it all the way from France.

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